We currently offer VIP Gold and Veteran Gold donation packages for our PVE and Battlefield servers . We also have other donation options where you can give any amount you wish (minimum of $5 to save on processing fees). As a thank you for your donations we reward a supply drop and RP.  

Important Notice:  There are no "purchases" on this web site or server.  You are making a monetary donation to support the upkeep of a gaming server.  Any perks or virtual items you receive in return are just a "thank you" for your donation.  

WARNING:  Some of our donation packages have two options, subscribe to a monthly renewal or one time donation.  YOU decide which one you are donating for and you are the only person that controls it from that point forward.  PayPal does not give donation recipients (our server) the ability to create, edit, or delete payments or subscriptions.  You have to purposely make those choices on your own and through paypal.  


Please understand there are NO REFUNDS under any circumstances.  The perks included in our donations packages are automatically given to you within minutes in the server.  The perks are also subject to change for game balance at any time.  You understand that your perks are simply "higher than normal players" so in the event perk bonuses are lowered, you are still enjoying perks at a higher level than other players meaning you are still not eligible for a refund even in the event of perks being lowered for game balance or exploit fixing.  You are donating to a game server and receiving free gifts of virtual in game items/perks which are awarded to you instantly and can be utilized instantly.  If you quit playing on our server for any reason, including being banned for violating our rules and conditions, you are not entitled to any refund.  We keep detailed server side logs of and will dispute any paypal chargebacks with the evidence proving you did in fact receive and utilize the services and virtual goods given to you as a thank you for your donation.  And attempting to file a chargeback claim will result in you being permanently banned from all Zombie Nation game servers.