WARNING:  Some of our donation packages have two options, subscribe to a monthly renewal or one time donation.  YOU decide which one you are donating for and you are the only person that controls it from that point forward.  PayPal does not give donation recipients (our server) the ability to create, edit, or delete payments or subscriptions.  You have to purposely make those choices on your own and through paypal.  

Canceling Subscriptions:  This needs to be done through your own paypal.   Log in to your paypal and find "Manage Subscriptions" and you can cancel it from there.  We have no way of doing this for you on our end.  If you mistakenly sign up for recurring payments with us it does not entitle you to a refund.  There are two options on many of our donation packages: Add to Basket (this is a one off) and Subscribe (this is recurring).  The site informs you in multiple places before checkout if you selected subscribe.  Not paying attention to these warnings and then filing a chargeback when the next donation gets processed will get you banned from all Zombie Land servers.  It is your responsibility to pay attention to what you select.  We have players that prefer recurring so that is a feature we offer, it is not fair for us to be punished because some do not read what they are purchasing.

Support: If you need an administrator please log in to our Discord ( and check the HELP channel for instructions on submitting a support ticket.